Mar 132024

World Standard Time was accomplished in 1884. The International Meridian Conference met in Washington, DC. The group established the Prime Meridian through Greenwich and established 24 time zones. Prior to that conference, different countries used different times. In the United States, different railroads used different time systems. It was all very confusing! Children can find the time in different cities world wide at: World Clock.

May 192024

Ringling Brothers Circus performed for the first time in 1884 in their home town of Baraboo, Wisconsin. They then began to perform in the Midwest. After they acquired their first elephant in 1888, business rapidly expanded. More expansion was possible after they used the train system to move from place to place. Ringling Brothers held its final performance on May 21, 2017. Children can learn more at:

May 312024
Corn Flakes Advertisement

Corn Flakes Advertisement

Flaked cereals were patented by Dr. John Harvey Kellogg in 1884. He developed the cereals as a healthy alternative to breakfasts of bacon and eggs. He was granted Patent Number 558,393. His brother, W. K. Kellogg, made the breakfast cereal popular and affordable and founded Kellogg’s. Children can examine the history of breakfast cereal at: Corn Flakes. Children could poll friends to find out which cereals are most popular.

Jul 042024
Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty was given to the United States by France in 1884. The statue was presented to Levi P. Morton, the US ambassador to France, in Paris. The statue was then taken apart and shipped to the United States. The statue reached our shores on June 17, 1885. However, the pedestal was not yet ready. The statue was formally revealed on October 28, 1886. Children can learn more at an excellent site: Statue of Liberty.

Nov 012024

Prime Meridian was formally agreed to in 1884. Twenty-five countries met to establish uniform lines of longitude and resulting 24 time zones. Prior to the agreement, fourteen different prime meridians were recognized. The Prime Meridian also divides the earth into the Western Hemisphere and the Eastern Hemisphere. The Prime Meridian and other lines of longitude, as well as lines of latitude, help us know where we are on earth and where we are in relation to others. Children can learn more at: Prime Meridian.

Nov 252024

Evaporated milk was patented in 1884 by John B. Meyenberg of Saint Louis, Missouri. In 1884 refrigerators had not been invented, so milk spoiled easily. Meyenberg’s process removed about 60 percent of the water in milk. The remainder was homogenized, canned, and sterilized. The evaporated milk, which occupied far less space than fresh milk, could remain in cans for over a year. People could open the can, pour the evaporated milk into a big container, and add water to reconstitute it. Today most people use evaporated milk in desserts. Children can view the patent application at: Evaporated Milk Patent.

Dec 062024
Wash Monu

Washington Monument and Earthquake Repairs

Washington Monument was completed in 1884. The monument’s cornerstone was laid on July 4, 1848, and building began. However, lack of funding and the Civil War stopped work. On August 2, 1877, Congress authorized the funds to complete the monument. It was completed on this day in 1884 and dedicated in 1885. Children can learn more at: Washington Monument.