Jun 292018
Lake Crescent sunset

Lake Crescent
Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park was created in 1938. The Washington park has 57 miles of coastline and a temperate rain forest. It averages 145 inches of rain per year. Visit a website at: http://www.nps.gov/olym. Idea: Children could research Mesa Verde National Park and Olympic National Park. They could compare and contrast the two parks. Which would they rather visit?

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Jul 272018
  • Korean War ended in 1953 when an armistice was signed in Panmunjon, Korea. Both sides claimed victory in a war that lasted for slightly over three years.

    Korea Memorial 1

    Korean War Veterans Memorial

  • Korean War Veterans Memorial was dedicated in 1995. Located in Washington, DC, near the Lincoln Memorial, nineteen stainless steel sculptures of larger-than-life-size soldiers seem to be leaving a swamp. Children can learn more at: http://www.nps.gov/kowa/index.htm
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Aug 242018

Washington, DC, was burned in 1814 during the War of 1812. Many buildings, including the Capitol and the President’s House, were burned. The president and other statesmen had left the city prior to the battle. Idea: Children could find out how the White House got its name. Children can learn more at: America’s Library.

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Aug 282018

Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his I Have a Dream speech in 1963 in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC. Children can read the original text at: Dream Speech.

  • MLK Monu

    Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

    Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial was dedicated in 2001 in Washington, DC. Situated between the Jefferson Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial, the very impressive Stone of Hope statue by Lei Yixin stands 28 feet 6 inches tall. Children could learn more at: MLK Memorial.

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Sep 112018

September 11Patriot Day and National Day of Prayer and Remembrance is today. The United States was attacked by Al Qaeda terrorists on this day in 2001. The terrorists commandeered four passenger planes. They crashed two planes into the World Trade Center in New York City and one plane into the Pentagon. The fourth airplane, destined for Washington, DC, crashed into western Pennsylvania. It appears the passengers tried to regain control of the aircraft. More than 3,000 people died in the attacks. The country responded by attacking possible Al Qaeda cells and other terrorist groups. Security within the country became more stringent.  An excellent source of information for children is Dennis Brindell Fradin’s September 11, 2001, published by Marshall Cavendish.

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Oct 072018
Steamboats in 1850

Steamboats but not the Washington

Double-decked steamboat arrived in New Orleans for the first time in 1816. The Washington traveled between New Orleans and Louisville. It traveled upstream at 16 miles per hour and downstream at 25 miles per hour. This first steamboat was so successful that many others followed. By 1850 about 740 steamboats, transporting three million people annually, traveled on the Mississippi River.

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Nov 112018

Washington Apples

Washington State Flag

Washington Flag

Washington became the forty-second state of the United States in 1889. Mountains split the state into two distinctive parts. The western portion receives abundant rainfall, while the eastern part is very dry. Its nickname is the Evergreen State, and Olympia is the capital. Attractions include Mount St. Helens National Monument and Mount Rainier National Park. Children can learn more about Washington from America’s Library: Washington. Washington is known for its apples. Consider finding various types of apples. Slice them and serve. Children can compare texture, sweetness, and taste.

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Nov 172018

Congress met in session for the first time in the Capitol Building in 1800. Interesting fact – the Capitol Building on Sundays was used as a house of worship until the Civil War. Thomas Jefferson and James Madison attended services there. Children could visit the government website. The site offers some virtual tours and excellent links: Capitol Building.

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Dec 062018
Wash Monu

Washington Monument and Earthquake Repairs

Washington Monument was completed in 1884. The monument’s cornerstone was laid on July 4, 1848, and building began. However, lack of funding and the Civil War stopped work. Then President Ulysses Grant started construction again. It was completed on this day in 1884 and dedicated in 1885. Children can learn more at: Washington Monument.

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Jan 132019

MapNational Geographic Society was created in Washington, DC, in 1888. Around 33 founding members met at the Cosmos Club in Washington, DC, to sign the charter. Visit a website at: National Geographic.  Children enjoy perusing the National Geographic site for kids at: National Geographic Kids. Do you want an easy activity that combines geography and good, hard thinking? Create a geography ABC: write the letters of the alphabet down on paper. Next to each letter children can write down places that begin with that letter. For example, “A” could list Albania, Alabama, Andes Mountains, Arno River…

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