Dec 112019
Indiana State Flag

Indiana Flag

Indiana became the nineteenth state of the United States in 1816. Indianapolis is the state capital, and the state’s nickname is the Hoosier State. Mound builders lived in the area around AD 1000. It is about 36,185 miles square, placing it thirty-eighth in area. It ranks fourteenth in population. Farming is a leading source of employment in the north, and rich coal deposits can be found in the southern parts of the state. It is the leading U. S. producer of limestone. Children could visit an Internet site at: Indiana. The Indianapolis 500 has been running since 1911. Children could make a board game about Indiana. The board could be a speed track. The students who knew the most about Indiana would win the game.

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Jul 092020

Flag of Argentina

Argentina celebrates Independence Day. The country became free of Spanish control in 1816. About one-fourth the size of the United States, Argentina exports beef and wheat. This South American country is the eighth largest country in the world. Almost 43 million people live in Argentina, and Buenos Aires is the capital.

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Oct 072020
Steamboats in 1850

Steamboats but not the Washington

Double-decked steamboat arrived in New Orleans for the first time in 1816. The Washington traveled between New Orleans and Louisville. It traveled upstream at 16 miles per hour and downstream at 25 miles per hour. This first steamboat was so successful that many others followed. By 1850 about 740 steamboats, transporting three million people annually, traveled on the Mississippi River.

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