Oct 012024

Flag of China

National Day of the People’s Republic of China is celebrated today.  The present government came into being in 1949. Slightly smaller than the United States, China has a variety of habitats, from Mount Everest to deserts to tropics. About 1.349 billion people live in China, and the capital is Beijing. Children can learn more at: China.

Oct 012024

TuvaluTuvalu celebrates Independence Day. In 1978 it became an independent country, but it is still part of the British Commonwealth. The fourth smallest country in the world, Tuvalu has an area about the size of 0.1 the area of Washington, DC. Located about halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand, the country’s three islands and six atolls support about 11,000 people. Funafuti is the capital. Children could learn more at: Tuvalu.

Oct 012024

Flag of Palau

Palau Celebrates Independence Day. It became independent of the United States in 1994, although it still has extremely close ties with America. Located in the North Pacific Ocean, this archipelago consists of over 300 islands that can be classified into six groups. In total, the country’s area is about 2.5 times the size of Washington, DC. The climate is tropical, and most islands’ terrain is mountainous. The capital is Ngerulmud, but the largest city is Koror, located on an island of the same name. About 22,000 people reside in Palau. The country has taken a strong ecological stand. It has created the first shark sanctuary, and all sunscreens that cause damage to coral reefs are banned. Children can learn more at: Palau.

Oct 012024
Roosevelt and Muir at Yosemite

Roosevelt and Muir at Yosemite

Yosemite National Park was established in 1864. Yosemite Valley and Mariposa Big Tree Grove combined to make the national park. Located in central California, the park encompasses over 700,000 acres. Over three million people visit the park annually. Children could visit the park’s website at: Yosemite National Park. The site presents some excellent multimedia presentations, and a great presentation on Moonbows is: Moonbows.

Oct 012024

Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter (born James Earl Carter in Plains, Georgia, 1924) is the thirty-ninth president (1977-1981) of the United States. He graduated from the United States Naval Academy and served seven years in the navy. Later he became a Georgia state senator and eventually became the state’s governor. During his presidency, he faced high inflation. He was able to negotiate the Camp David Accord between Egypt and Israel, and he received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002. Children could visit a website at: Jimmy Carter.  Idea: Mr. Carter has become very involved with Habitat for Humanity. Children could research the group’s goals and how they are accomplished.

Brian P. Cleary (born Lakewood, Ohio, 1959) writes books for children. He is known for his humorous books about grammar, including Hairy, Scary, Ordinary: What Is an Adjective? Children can visit his very clever website at: Brian P. Cleary.

Caroline Harrison

Caroline Lavinia Scott Harrison

Caroline Lavinia Scott Harrison (born Oxford, Ohio, 1832; died Washington, DC, October 25, 1892) was America’s First Lady from March 4, 1889 until  her death on October 25, 1892. She was the first wife of Benjamin Harrison, twenty-third president of the United States. She succumbed to tuberculosis during Harrison’s fourth year as president. She helped create the Daughters of the American Revolution. Children could visit a website at: Caroline Harrison.

Marc Harshman (born Randolph County, Indiana, 1950) is poet laureate for the state of West Virginia, a writer of at least nine poetry anthologies, and an author of at least fourteen children’s books. His works include Only One and Red Are the Apples.  Children can learn more at: Marc Harshman.

Vladimir Horowitz (born Berdichev, Russia, 1904; died New York, New York, November 5, 1989) was a famous pianist. He performed in his first concert when he was sixteen years old. He became a United States citizen when he was 44 years old. One of his most memorable recitals was when he returned to Russia on April 20, 1986.

Richard Stockton (born Princeton, New Jersey, 1730; died Princeton, New Jersey, February 8, 1781) was an attorney. Representing New Jersey, he signed the Declaration of Independence. A wealthy lawyer before the Revolutionary War, he tried to provide clothing and shoes to the soldiers. He was captured by the British and sent to a New York prison. When he was released, he was in poor health and in desperate need of money. He died before the war ended. Children could learn more at: Richard Stockton.

Oct 022024

Rosh Hashanah, New Year in the Jewish calendar, begins today at sundown and concludes at sundown on October 4th. The days are spent in worship and with family. Yom Kippur begins on October 11 at sundown and concludes on September 12 at sundown. Children could learn more by reading Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, by Howard Greenfield.