Nov 222021
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Flag of Lebanon

Lebanon celebrates Independence Day. The country was under French control from the end of World War I until 1943. Lebanon is about three-fourths the size of Connecticut. Over four million people live in the country, and about half of population live in the capital, Beirut. Its resources include limestone, salt, and iron ore. Lebanon is a “water-surplus state in a water-deficit region.” Older children could learn more at: Lebanon.

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Jan 142022

Franklin Roosevelt

Franklin Roosevelt in 1943 became the first President to fly in an airplane. He flew from Miami, Florida, to Morocco to meet with Winston Churchill. He left Miami on January 11 and flew to the Caribbean, then along the coast of South America, and then across the Atlantic Ocean. The return trip took several days because he spent time with military troops.

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Mar 292022

rationing WW2Cheese, butter, and meat were rationed in 1943 as part of the effort to win World War II. Shoppers received ration books with stamps. When the shopper no longer had stamps for a certain product, that product could not be bought until next month. Sugar, tires, and gasoline were also rationed. Rationing was lifted in 1946. Children could learn many more facts at the excellent website: Food Rations.

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Apr 132022
Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson Memorial

Jefferson Memorial was dedicated in 1943 in Washington, DC. This date was picked in honor of Jefferson’s birthday. Construction was started in 1938 and was finished in 1943. A bronze statue of Thomas Jefferson was planned, but World War II intervened and bronze was needed for the war. A plaster statue painted to look like bronze was on display until 1947 when a real bronze statue took its rightful place. Children can visit a website at:

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Jun 102022
ball point pen, Biro

Today’s Ball Point Pens

Ballpoint pen was patented in 1943 by Laszlo Biro in Argentina. The ballpoint pen has a small ball bearing in the point so that the thick ink can flow smoothly. Children could learn how ballpoint pens work at:

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Jul 142022
Bust of George Washington Carver at Memorial

Bust of George Washington Carver at Monument

George Washington Carver Monument was dedicated in 1943. The first national monument for an African-American and the first monument for a non-president, the site is Washington’s childhood home in Diamond, Missouri. Children could visit:

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