Jan 062024
New Mexico State Flag

New Mexico State Flag

New Mexico became the forty-seventh state of the United States in 1912. Although New Mexico is one of the youngest states, it boasts some of the oldest American structures. Spaniards traveled on El Camino Real (the Royal Highway) in 1581; and Santa Fe, the capital, was built in 1609 or 1610. New Mexico ranks fifth in area but 36th in population. Children could visit an Internet site at: New Mexico. Idea: Children could create some math problems regarding how long ago New Mexico’s historical treasures were created.

Mar 062024

Oreo Cookies

National Oreo Day is today! Oreo cookies went on sale this day in 1912. Today 2,000 Oreos are produced a minute, and more Oreos have been sold than any other type of cookie. Children can learn more about the famous cookie at: Oreo History.

Mar 272024

Japanese Cherry Trees in Blossom

Cherry trees were first planted in Washington, DC, in 1912. First Lady Helen Herron Taft and Viscountess Chinda (the Japanese ambassador’s wife) planted the first of three thousand trees. The original trees were a gift from Japan to the United States. Since then, some propagates from the trees have been sent back to Japan. Other propagates have been planted around Washington, DC, to maintain the lineage. Children can learn more at: Cherry Trees.

Apr 152024


“Unsinkable” Titanic sank in 1912 with 1,500 people on board. The luxury liner was on its maiden voyage from England to New York City when it hit an iceberg and sank three hours later. The ship did not provide enough lifeboats for all the crew and passengers. Over 700 people were rescued by the Carpathia when it reached the site. In 1985 Dr. Robert Ballard and his crew located the remains of the Titanic and photographed it. Idea: Debate whether the Titanic should be raised or not. Students may want to read Robert Ballard’s Exploring the Titanic, published in 1988. Children could read The Titanic: An Interactive History Adventure, by Bob Temple.

Apr 162024
Harriet Quimby

Harriet Quimby

Harriet Quimby in 1912 became the first woman to fly solo over the English Channel. She flew from Dover, England, to Harclat, France. She was welcomed as a hero in France, Great Britain, and the United States. Children could read more at: Harriet Quimby.

Nov 282024

Flag of Albania

Albania celebrates Liberation Day. The Ottoman Empire gave up control of Albania in 1912. Located in southeastern Europe, the country is a bit smaller than the state of Maryland (according to the CIA World Factbook). Almost three million people live in this mountainous and hilly country. Tirana is the capital. Albania’s major industries are food processing and textiles. Older children can learn more at: Albania.