Mar 132024

Earmuff Patent

National Earmuff Day is today! Earmuffs were patented by Chester Greenwood of Farmington, Maine, in 1877. He was fifteen years old when he invented the Champion Ear Protectors. He had his grandmother add some fur to the ends of a piece of wire. He received Patent Number 188,292. His invention became a factory, employing community members. Children can view the patent at: Earmuff Patent.

Mar 152024
Maine State Flag

Maine State Flag

Maine became the twenty-third state of the United States in 1820. Vikings explored the area around AD 1000. Originally Maine was a part of the Massachusetts colony. Augusta is the state capital, and the state nickname is the Pine Tree State. People who live in Maine are called Down-Easters. Today fishing, lumbering, and growing potatoes are strong sources of income. It is home to Acadia National Park. The moose is the state mammal. Maine is the twelfth smallest state, and it ranks as the ninth least populous state. Children can visit an Internet site at: Maine. Idea: Children could find out why and when Maine separated from Massachusetts.

Apr 252024

Spanish-American War began in 1898. At that time Spain ruled Cuba, and many Americans had heard that the conditions on the island were intolerable. The United States sent the battleship Maine to protect Americans living there. In February the ship exploded, and 260 people on board died. “Remember the Maine” became a popular expression. War was declared, and battles occurred not only in and around Cuba but around the Philippines as well. Teddy Roosevelt became famous as one of the leaders of the Rough Riders. The war ended on August 12, 1898. Children could learn more at: Spanish-American War.

Jun 102024
Forest Fire Station in Colorado

Forest Fire Station in Colorado

Forest fire lookout stations, erected in Greenville, Maine, in 1905, were the first of their kind. The towers rose in popularity during the 1930’s to the 1950’s. During World War II, fire towers along the Pacific Ocean were used to spot enemy craft. Today the number of lookout stations has declined because of other technology, including drones and airplanes.

Jul 092024

Doughnut cutter was patented by J. F. Blondel of Thomaston, Maine in 1872. Blondel did not invent doughnuts, but he patented a spring-loaded cutter that sped up the doughnut-making process. Now about ten billion doughnuts are consumed in the United States each year. Children could survey friends and family about favorite types of doughnuts (cake v glazed, sprinkles v no sprinkles, etc.). Older children could read a history of doughnuts at: Doughnuts.

Sep 142024

Joe W. Kittinger became the first person to cross the Atlantic in a hot-air balloon. He left Caribou, Maine, on September 14, 1984, and landed near Capbreton, France, on September 17, 1984. He broke his ankle when he was thrown from the gondola during the stormy landing. The 3,535-mile trip also established a new record for solo distance. Children could view a timeline of hot-air balloon flights at: Hot-Air Balloon Flights.