Mar 172021

First submarine was launched in 1898. John Phillip Holland, owner of the John P. Holland Torpedo Boat Company, created the Holland Submarine. It submerged for about 100 minutes in a shipyard in Elizabethtown, New Jersey.

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Apr 252021

Spanish-American War began in 1898. At that time Spain ruled Cuba, and many Americans had heard that the conditions on the island were intolerable. The United States sent the battleship Maine to protect Americans living there. In February the ship exploded, and 260 people on board died. “Remember the Maine” became a popular expression. War was declared, and battles occurred not only in and around Cuba but around the Philippines as well. Teddy Roosevelt became famous as one of the leaders of the Rough Riders. The war ended on August 12, 1898. Children could learn more at: Spanish-American War.

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Jun 092021

Flag of Hong Kong

British leased Hong Kong from China in 1898. The lease was good for 99 years, and Hong Kong returned to Chinese control July 1, 1997.  According to the CIA World Factbook, Hong Kong is about six times the size of Washington, DC.

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Jun 122021

Flag of Philippines

Philippines celebrate Independence Day. The country received its independence from Spain in 1898. An archipelago between the South China Sea and the Philippine Sea, the country’s combined area is about the size of Arizona. The islands are mostly mountainous, and the country experiences a tropical climate with monsoon seasons. Over 105 million people live in the country, and it exports clothing, electronic products, and fruits. Manila is the capital. Children can learn more at: Philippines.

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Aug 122021

Hawaii’s Flag

Hawaii was annexed to the United States in 1898. Children could find out how the United States obtained the islands at: Hawaii.

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