May 262021

Last Model T was produced in 1927. Henry Ford and his son Edsel decided to stop making the Model T and move on to the production of the Model A. The last car to be made was number 15,000,000! The car could travel up to 45 miles per hour, and it sold for as little as $260.00. Children could read more at: Model T.

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Jun 042021

Henry Ford test drove his first car in 1896. The hand-made Quadricycle was quite expensive and could travel up to 20 miles per hour.

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Jul 302021

Ann Brashares (born Alexandria, Virginia, 1967) writes books for young adults. Her books include The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series. Young adults can visit her website at: Ann Brashares.

Emily Bronte (born Thornton, Yorkshire, England, 1818; died Haworth, Yorkshire, England, December 19, 1848) was an author. She wrote only one novel, Wuthering Heights. She also wrote poetry. Children can read her works at: Project Gutenberg.

Henry Ford on His Quadricycle

Henry Ford on His Quadricycle

Henry Ford (born Dearborn Township, Michigan, 1863; died Dearborn Township, Michigan, April 7, 1947) created the assembly line for making cars. He became wealthy from selling so many cars. Children can learn more at: Henry Ford.

Henry Moore (born Castleford, Yorkshire, England, 1898; died Much Hadham, Hertfordshire, England, August 31, 1986) was an artist and sculptor. He is best known for his large, metal sculptures of human figures. Children can view some of his works at: Henry Moore.

Marcus Pfister (born Bern, Switzerland, 1960) writes books for children. He is well-known for his 1992 book Rainbow Fish. Children can visit his website at: Marcus Pfister.

Pat Schories (born New York State, 1952) illustrates books for children. She illustrates the Biscuit series and the Jack series. Children can visit her website at:  Pat Schories.

Vladimir Kosma Zworykin (born Murom, Russia, 1889; died Princeton, New Jersey, July 29, 1982) came to the United States in 1919. In 1920 he headed a Westinghouse Electric Company team and developed the television camera and picture tube. He was also very important in research leading to the electron microscope. Idea: Children certainly enjoy television. They could record how much television they watch in a week.

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Jan 142022

Ford Assembly Line

Henry Ford pushed the button to start the first assembly-line production in 1914. Idea: Ford’s first assembly line made cars. Children could form an assembly line to make ice cream sundaes.  One person could be in charge of dishes. Another could add one kind of ice cream.  Another could add a different kind of ice cream. A fourth student could top the ice cream with chocolate. Another could spritz on some whipped cream. Still another could add a cherry.  Then everyone could eat!

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