Nov 112018

Flag of Angola

Angola celebrates Independence Day. Portugal relinquished its claims to Angola in 1975. The country, located in southwestern Africa, supports an economy that is about 85 percent agricultural. The country’s area is slightly less than twice the size of Texas. About 18.6 million people live in Angola, and Luanda is the country’s capital.

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Nov 252018

Flag of Suriname

Suriname celebrates Independence Day. It became autonomous in 1975 from the Netherlands. It had been under Dutch control for the most part since 1667. Located on the northeastern coast of South America, the country exports bauxite and wood. According to the CIA World Factbook, Suriname is slightly larger than the state of Georgia. Half a million people live in the country, and half of the population lives in the capital, Paramaribo. Most of the rest of the population lives along the coast. The interior is covered by tropical rainforest.

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May 232019

Junko Tabei became the first woman to climb Mount Everest in 1975.

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Jun 252019

Flag of Mozambique

Mozambique celebrates Independence Day. It became independent from Portugal in 1975. Located on the east coast of Africa, it is almost double the size of California. Natural resources include titanium, coal, and natural gas. About 25 million people live there. Maputo is the capital.

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Jul 052019
Cape Verde

Flag of Cape Verde

Cape Verde celebrates Independence Day. Portugal relinquished all claims to the country in 1975. During the exploration period, the islands served as supply stations. During the last century, whaling became an important source of income. The country is actually composed of fifteen islands, and the combined area is about the size of Rhode Island. The climate is temperate, but water is scarce and droughts are common. About a half million people live in this country west of Africa. Praia is the capital.

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Jul 062019

Flag of Comoros

Comoros celebrates Independence Day. Comoros declared its independence from France in 1975. This archipelago is located in the Mozambique Channel, and the country is smaller than Rhode Island. Over 700,000 people live on the islands. Its major industries are perfume distillation and fishing. Moroni is the capital.

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Jul 122019
Sao Tome and Principe

Flag of Sao Tome and Principe

Sao Tome and Principe celebrate Independence Day. They gained their freedom from Portugal in 1975. The area of this cluster of islands is about five times area of Washington, DC. Located off the coast of western Africa, this country experiences a tropical climate. Natural resources include fish and hydropower. Almost 200,000 people live there. The capital is Sao Tome.

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Jul 152019
Artist's Rendition of Apollo 18 and Soyuz 19 Meeting

Artist’s Rendition of Apollo 18 and Soyuz 19 Meeting

Apollo-Soyuz mission was successful in 1975. Three American astronauts, Thomas P. Stafford, Vance D. Brand, and Donald K. Sayton,  from Apollo 18 docked and worked with two Soviet cosmonauts, Alexey Leonov and Valeri Kubasov, on the Soyuz 19 craft. The purpose of the mission was to show that the space race was over and that different countries could work together to forward space exploration. The mission concluded on July 21, 1975. Children can learn more at: Apollo-Soyuz.

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Jul 202019
First Image of Mars

First Image of Mars

Viking I landed on Mars in 1976. Launched August 20, 1975, Viking I carried cameras, a seismometer, a magnet, and sensors for temperature, wind velocity, and pressure. The Lander began to send data 25 seconds after landing and continued to function until November 11, 1982.

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Aug 202019
Viking I

Viking I

Viking I was launched in 1975. It landed on the surface of Mars on July 20, 1976. It transmitted photographs and data regarding weather and atmosphere until November 11, 1982. Children can learn more at: Viking I.

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