Apr 122024

Salk vaccine was allowed to be used for the first time in 1955. Dr. Jonas E. Salk produced the vaccine to prevent infantile paralysis, also known as poliomyelitis. Prior to the vaccination, polio was one of the worst diseases around. Salk started conducting research in 1947. He field-tested his vaccination in 1953, and it became available to the public in 1955. Today polio has almost been eradicated world-wide.

Jun 072024

The $64,000 Question television game show premiered in 1955. Contestants answered questions about an area where they felt they were experts. If a contestant answered a question correctly, he/she could double the money won and move on to a more difficult question. The last episode of the show aired on November 2, 1958. Idea: Children could design and play a variation of The $64,000 Question.

Sep 132024

Velcro was patented in the United States by George de Mestral in 1955. He received patent number 2717437. The word Velcro is mashup of two French words, velour (velvet) and crochet (hook). His invention was seen to have limited uses until NASA started using it in a number of ways. Now Velcro is extremely popular. Children could make a list of things that use Velcro. For example, some shoes have Velcro closings. Children can read about George de Mestral and Velcro at: Velcro.

Oct 262024

Flag of Austria

Austria celebrates a national day; in 1955 the country adopted a stance of permanent neutrality. A landlocked country in Europe, Austria is slightly smaller than the state of Maine, and Vienna is the capital. Not quite nine million people live in Austria. Machinery production and tourism are major sources of income. Older children can learn more at: Austria.

Dec 012024

b&w film copy neg.Rosa Parks was arrested in 1955 in Montgomery, Alabama, because she did not give up her seat in a municipal bus. The African American’s actions led to a boycott of the Montgomery bus system. Many experts believe this event triggered the civil rights movement. Children could relate the Montgomery boycott to the boycotts led by Gandhi in India. Children could also read Rosa Parks: My Story by Rosa Parks and Jim Haskins. They could also visit the Library of Congress site at: Rosa Parks.