Feb 222024

Florida became a part of the United States in 1819. The Adams-Onis Treaty, also called the Transcontinental Treaty, the Florida Treaty, and the Florida Purchase Treaty, defined the border between New Spain and the United States. The treaty took effect July 17, 1821. Spain gave the land to the United States if the United States assumed five million dollars of claims of American citizens against Spain. Older children can read the text of the treaty at: Adams-Onis Treaty.

May 222024

The steamship SS Savannah departed this day in 1819 from Savannah, Georgia. When it arrived in Liverpool, England, on June 20, it was the first steamship to successfully cross the Atlantic Ocean. The hybrid ship, fitted with both sails and a sidewheel steamer engine, proved that steam could power ships across oceans, However, it was not economic at the time. Another thirty years would pass before steamships would try again. Children might want to view https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFz9ZUoZflg

Jun 262024


Bicycle was patented by W. K. Clarkson, Jr. of New York in 1819. Originally called a velocipede, the bicycle soon became a popular mode of transportation. The patent was destroyed in the 1836 patent office fire. In 2014 a billion bicycles were being used for business and fun. China accounts for 450 million of those bicycles. Children can learn more about bikes at: Bicycles.

Dec 142024
Alabama State Flag

Alabama Flag

Alabama became the twenty-second state of the United States in 1819. People lived in the Russell Cave area around 6000 B.C. The Temple Mound culture moved into the Moundville location somewhere between 1200 and 1500. The state is named after the Alabama tribe. Montgomery is the capital, and the state’s nicknames are the Yellowhammer State and the Heart of Dixie. The state ranks 30th in area and 24th in population. The pecan is the state’s official nut. Children could visit an Internet site at: Alabama. The mound builders have left us fascinating artifacts. Children could learn more at a great site: https://alabamamoundtrail.org/.