Jun 132024

LafayetteMarquis de Lafayette landed near Charleston, South Carolina, in 1777 to help train patriot forces. Nineteen years old, he became a major-general in the American army without pay. He worked closely with American soldiers, and he also helped America’s cause among the French. After the American Revolution he returned to France to help his own country establish a democracy. Children can learn more from the Liberty’s Kids series: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCFnDuouqxM.

Aug 162024

Battle of Bennington Day is celebrated in Vermont. The Green Mountain Boys defeated the British in 1777. During the Revolutionary War, British General Burgoyne sent a large contingent into the town of Bennington to to take much-needed supplies and horses.  The British were surprised to find 2,000 patriots, led by General John Stark. Burgoyne lost about 1,000 soldiers and was never able to replace his supplies. Eventually Burgoyne had to surrender at the Battle of Saratoga. Children can learn more at: Battle of Bennington.