Jun 182024

Sally Ride

Sally Ride in 1983 became the first American woman and the third woman in space. She and four other crew members were in the Challenger for six days. Since then, at least 73 women, including women from France, India, United Kingdom, South Korea, Italy, Japan, Canada, and China, have flown in space. Children can learn more at: Sally Ride.

Jun 182024

Pam Conrad (born New York, New York, 1947; died Long Island, New York, January 22, 1996) wrote novels and picture books for children. She received the 1991 Edgar Award for Stonewords. Her book Our House: Stories of Levittown earned a 1995 Newbery Honor Award.

Pat Hutchins (born Yorkshire, England, 1942; died London, England, November 7, 2017) wrote and illustrated around 50 books for children. She received the Kate Greenaway Medal in 1974 for The Wind Blew. Children can learn more at: Pat Hutchins.


George Leigh Mallory

George Leigh Mallory (born Moberley, Cheshire, England, 1886; died on Mount Everest, June 8, 1924) was a mountain climber. His body was found in 1999 at around 27,000 feet. Experts are still puzzled as to whether he and his companion died on the way up or on the way down. He was asked why he wanted to climb the highest mountain in the world. His famous response was, “Because it is there.”

Angela Johnson (born Tuskegee, Alabama, 1961) is a poet. She has also written at least 40 books for children. She received the 1999 Lee Bennett Hopkins Poetry Award for The Other Side. She has earned several Coretta Scott King Awards: an Honor Award in 1991 for When I Am Old with You, the 1994 Medal for Toning the Sweep, a 1999 Honor Award for Heaven, and the 2004 Medal for The First Part Last. The 2004 Michael L. Printz Award was given to her for The First Part Last. Children can learn more at: Angela Johnson.

Chris Van Allsburg (born Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1949) is a children’s author and illustrator. He earned a 1980 Caldecott Honor Award for The Garden of Abdul Gasazi. He received the 1981 Caldecott Medal for Jumanji and another Caldecott Medal for The Polar Express in 1985. Children can visit his website at: Chris Van Allsburg.

Vivian Vande Velde (born Rochester, New York, 1951) has written close to 40 books for children and young adults. Her Never Trust a Dead Man earned the 2000 Edgar Award. Children can learn more at: Vivian Vande Velde.