Jun 052024

Flag of Denmark

Denmark celebrates Constitution Day. Its constitution was written in 1953, and the country is now a constitutional monarchy. According to the CIA World Factbook, Denmark is about twice the size of Massachusetts. The country is composed of the Jutland Peninsula and a number of islands. Because it is bordered by the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, winters are comparatively mild and summers are cool. About 5.6 million people live in Denmark. Copenhagen is the capital. Children can learn more at: Denmark.

Jun 052024

Bananas were imported into the United States for the first time in 1876. Today Equador exports the most bananas, and over 2.7 billion bananas are imported into the United States each year. Children could learn more about bananas at: bananasBananas. Then they could make banana pudding and read Bananas Gorilla by Richard Scarry. Today is Richard Scarry’s birthday.

Jun 052024

John Couch Adams (born Laneast, Cornwall, England, 1819; died Cambridge, England, January 21, 1892) was a mathematician and astronomer. Using only mathematics, he predicted the location of the planet Neptune in 1845. Using Adams’s calculations, Johann Gottfried Galle, spied Neptune for the first time on September 23, 1846.

Allan Ahlberg (born England, 1938) has written at least 140 books for children. His wife Janet illustrated many of his books until she died in 1994. One of their collaborations is Each Peach Pear Plum. He also wrote The Jolly Postman.

Dr. Jill Biden

Jill Biden (born Hammonton, New Jersey, 1951) became America’s First Lady on January 20, 2020. She is the wife of President Joe Biden. Dr. Jill Biden, Ed. D., is also a community college instructor. She was America’s Second Lady from January 20, 2009, to January 20, 2017 when Joe Biden was Vice President. Children can learn more at: Dr. Jill Biden.

. Books by Franklyn Bradley

Franklyn Branley (born New Rochelle, New York, 1915; died New Brunswick, Maine, May 5, 2002) wrote at least 115 books for children. Most of his books were about science, especially astronomy.

Kyle Lukoff (born Skokie, Illinois, 1984) has written at least eleven books for children. His book Too Bright to See received a 2022 Newbery Honor Award.

Rick Riordan (born San Antonio, Texas, 1964) writes books for young adults. His Percy Jackson and the Olympians series is extremely popular. Children can visit his website at: Rick Riordan.

Much Loved and Often Read Book by Richard Scarry

Richard Scarry (born Boston, Massachusetts, 1919; died Gstaad, Switzerland, April 30, 1994) was a children’s author and illustrator. He wrote more than 300 books, and over 100 million copies of his books were sold. His books include Busy, Busy Town and Bananas Gorilla. Children could learn more at: Richard Scarry.

Socrates (born Athens, 469 BC; died Athens, 399 BC) was a philosopher and a teacher. One of his most famous sayings is “the unexamined life is not worth living.” Idea: Children could find out more about the Socratic method of teaching at: Socrates.