Jun 042024

National Cheese Day is today because Roquefort cheese was first made on this day in 1070. Children could celebrate today by tasting a variety of cheeses. They could also poll their friends to learn which cheeses are most popular.  Idea: Children could find out how Roquefort differs from other cheeses at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWM_R2tDOfA.

Jun 042024
Silhouette of Jack Jouett - only known image

Silhouette of Jack Jouett – only known image

Jack Jouett became a hero on the night of June 3 into June 4, 1781. Jouett overheard British plans to capture Thomas Jefferson and others. Jouett understood how important the group was yet how vulnerable they were. He rode 45 miles through rough and tough Virginia countryside to warn Thomas Jefferson and members of the legislature that the British were coming. When the British arrived in Charlottesville, the Americans had escaped. Jouett has been called the “Paul Revere of the South.” Children could read Jack Jouett of Albemarle: The Paul Revere of the South by Jennie Thornley Grayson.

Jun 042024

Aesop (born perhaps this day 620 BC; died 564 BC) was a storyteller, best known for his fables. Little is really known about his life; some accounts state he was a slave who gained his freedom through his ability to entertain. Children can read a variety of his fables at: Project Gutenberg.

King George III

George III (born London, England, 1738; died Windsor Castle, England, January 29, 1820) was the King of England during the American Revolution. He realized he was not a good political leader. His actions probably contributed to the start of the war. At one point he almost abdicated. He experienced periods of dementia, and from 1811 until his death the country was actually run by his son, George IV. Children could read Jean Fritz’s Can’t You Make Them Behave, King George?

Joyce Sidman (born Hartford, Connecticut, 1956) has written at least thirteen books of poetry for children. She received a 2011 Newbery Honor Award for Dark Emperor and Other Poems of the Night. Another of her books is Eureka! Poems about Inventors. Children can visit her website at: Joyce Sidman.