Feb 062024

amendmentAmendment Twenty to the Constitution was adopted in 1933. It moved the inauguration day of the President to January 20th at noon. It also changed the first day of a Congressional session to January 3rd. Prior to 1933 the President was inaugurated on March 4th. During colonial times, a period of four months between election and inauguration was reasonable due to travel time and communication limitations. However, as travel and technology improved, four months became much too long to have a lame duck President. Therefore, the inauguration date was moved up to January 20th. Children can read the actual amendment at: Amendment Twenty.

Feb 262024

amendmentAmendment Twenty-Two to the Constitution was adopted in 1951. It stated that a President could not be elected to more than two terms in office. Prior to the amendment, custom (but not law) was that no President would run for a third term. However, Franklin Roosevelt was elected to office four times. After he died in his fourth term, people began to feel the number of terms should be limited, and the amendment was born. Children could read the actual words of the amendment at: Amendment Twenty-Two. They could debate presidential term limits, especially since senators and congress people do not have term limits.