Oct 292021

Flag of Turkey

Turkey celebrates Republic Day. Following the demise of the Ottoman Empire, Turkey became a republic in 1923. Located in both Europe and Asia, Turkey is slightly smaller than the state of Texas. It exports textiles, apparel, and foodstuffs. Almost 81 million people consider themselves Turks, and Ankara is the capital. Children could learn more at: Turkey.

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Oct 302021

Bosphorus Bridge was opened in 1973. The bridge spans the Bosphorus Strait and connects Asia and Europe. Almost a mile long, the suspension bridge was the scene of a brief tennis match between Venus Williams and Ipeko, a Turkish tennis player.

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Aug 152022
South Korea Flag

Flag of South Korea

South Korea celebrates Liberation Day. In 1945 it became free of Japanese rule. Its area is slightly larger than the area of Indiana, and mountains and hills cover the northwestern portion while a coastal plain covers the southeastern portion. Almost 49 million people live there, and Seoul is the capital. Children could learn more at: South Korea.

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