May 252024

Skylab 2

Skylab 2 was launched in 1973. This first manned mission to Skylab circled the earth for 28 days while astronauts Pete Conrad, Joseph Kerwin, and Paul Weitz made repairs to Skylab and conducted 392 hours of experiments. At that time, the crew held the record for longest time in space. They successfully returned to earth on July 22, 1973. Children could learn more at: Skylab 2.

Jun 092024

Secretariat won the Triple Crown in 1973. The first horse to win the Triple Crown since 1948, he won the third leg, the Belmont Stakes. The horse raced several more times and then retired in November, 1973. Four other horses since then have won the Triple Crown:

  • Seattle Slew in 1977
  • Affirmed in 1978
  • American Pharoah in 2015
  • Justify in 2018.

Children can see a list of all the Triple Crown winners at: Triple Crown.

Jul 102024

Bahamas celebrate Independence Day. The islands became free of British rule in 1973, although the country is still part of the British Commonwealth. Almost 700 islands make up the country, but the combined area is equal to the area of Connecticut. Over 300,000 people live there, and many of them earn livings from tourism. The country’s capital is Nassau. Children can learn more at: Bahama Islands.

Sep 242024

Flag of Guinea-Bissau

Guinea-Bissau celebrates Independence Day. It gained its freedom from Portugal in 1973. Guinea-Bissau, about three times the size of Connecticut, is located at the far western edge of Africa. About 1.6 million people live in the country, and Bissau is the capital. Children can learn more at: Guinea-Bissau.


Nov 162024
Skylab 4

Carr “balances” Pogue in weightless conditions

Skylab 4, with three astronauts, was launched in 1973. The crew (Commander Gerald P. Carr, Pilot William R. Pogue, and Scientist Edward G. Gibson) spent over 84 days in space, returning to earth on February 8, 1974. Daily life in space is much different from daily life on earth. Marianne J. Dyson wrote a very interesting book, Space Station Science: Life in Free Fall. She provides some easy and fascinating experiments. I like her chapter on space bathrooms. Children could also learn more at: Skylab 4.

Dec 282024
Bald Eagle

Photo of Bald Eagle, courtesy of Saffron Blaze

Endangered Species Act became a law when it was signed by President Richard Nixon in 1973. The law tries to protect species that could become extinct. The law has helped the bald eagle, the whooping crane, and other species. Children can view a list of endangered species at: Endangered Species.