Sep 092021
North Korea

Flag of North Korea

North Korea celebrates Founding Day, the day in 1948 when the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea was created. The country’s area is about the same as the area of the state of Mississippi. Almost 25 million people live in North Korea, and Pyongyang is the capital. Children could learn more at: North Korea.

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Jan 042022

Flag of Myanmar

Myanmar, also known as Burma, celebrates Independence Day. It became free from British rule in 1948. According to the CIA World Factbook, Myanmar is a bit smaller than Texas. About 55 million people live in this southeast Asian country, and about 4.25 million people live in the capital of Rangoon. Monsoons plague this resource-rich, including natural gas, timber, and mining, country. Older children could learn more at: Burma.

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Feb 042022
Sri Lanka

Flag of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka celebrates Independence Day. The United Kingdom relinquished control of the island in 1948. The country, located southeast of India, exports tea, coconuts, and rubber. According to The CIA World Factbook, Sri Lanka is slightly larger than the state of West Virginia. Colombo is the capital. Over 21 million people live on this country that has a tropical monsoon climate. Idea: Children could open up coconuts and enjoy the milk. They could toast the coconut flesh and enjoy it. Older children could learn more at: Sri Lanka.

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May 142022

Flag of Israel

Israel celebrated Yom Ha’atzmaut,  the day it became a nation, in 1948. However, because the Jewish calendar is lunar, the day Israel celebrates its founding varies from year to year. Israel’s area is roughly the area of New Jersey. The country is home to 8.8 million people, and Jerusalem is the capital and largest city. It exports packaged medicines, medical equipment, and integrated circuits. Children can learn more at: Israel.

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Jun 242022
Berlin Airlift

Berlin Airlift

Berlin airlift began in 1948. After World War II, Germany was divided into four parts. The Soviet Union controlled the portion that held Berlin. Berlin itself had been divided into four parts. Hoping to create a blockade, the Soviet Union denied access to the city. The United States, France, and Great Britain responded by airlifting food and other supplies into Berlin. Over 2,300,000 tons of supplies were lifted in via 277,000 flights. The airlift lasted until May 12, 1949.

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