Feb 162024

Flag of Lithuania

Lithuania celebrates Independence Day of 1918. It became free of Russian and German rule. People celebrate this day even though Lithuania was annexed into the Soviet Union in 1940. In 1991 Lithuania became the first nation to break away from the Soviet Union. According to the CIA World Factbook, Lithuania is slightly larger than West Virginia and hosts a population of about 2.7 million people. It borders the Baltic Sea, and Vilnius is the capital. A member of the European Union, Lithuania depends on agricultural products, including grains, potatoes, and flax. Children could learn more at: Lithuania.

Feb 212024
Green and Yellow Parakeet

Green and Yellow Carolina Parakeet

Last green and yellow Carolina parakeet died in 1918. The only parrot species living in eastern United States, the birds could be found from Wisconsin to the Gulf of Mexico. The birds lived in forests along rivers. Then, for a number of reasons, the number of Carolina parakeets plummeted. The last Carolina parakeet died in the Cincinnati Zoo. Children could learn more at: Parakeet.

May 282024

Flag of Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan celebrates the 1918 founding of the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan. According to the CIA World Factbook, Azerbaijan is a bit smaller than the state of Maine. This landlocked country is composed of semiarid steppes. Almost 10 million people live in the country, and oil and natural gas provide a fairly solid economy. Baku is the capital. Children can learn more at: Azerbaijan.

Aug 132024

Recruiting Poster

Women joined the United States Marines for the first time in 1918. Opha Mae Johnson was the first of 305 women to enlist that day. They performed clerical duties in the United States so that males could fight in World War I. During World War II, female marines served overseas. Today women comprise about seven percent of the entire corps. Children can learn more at: Women Marines.

Nov 182024
Flag of Latvia

Flag of Latvia

Latvia celebrates Independence Day, the day in 1918 when the country declared its freedom from Soviet Russia. Slightly larger than the state of West Virginia, Latvia borders the Baltic Sea. Its neighbors include Lithuania and Estonia. Over two million people live in Latvia, and Riga is the capital. Older children could learn more about Latvia at: Latvia.

Dec 012024

Flag of Romania

Romania celebrates Unification Day. In 1918 Romania and Transylvania formed one country. This southeastern European country, bordering the Black Sea, is slightly larger than Utah. Almost 22 million people live in Romania, and Bucharest is the capital. Agricultural products include grains and sugar beets. Romania exports natural gas and metals. Children could learn more at: Romania.