Mar 142019

Eli Whitney

Cotton gin was patented by Eli Whitney in 1794. It changed the way cotton was raised and processed in the southeastern United States. Prior to the gin, slaves had to hand separate the cotton fibers from cotton seeds and debris. The cotton gin processed the separation ten times faster. More cotton could therefore be played, and unfortunately more slaves would be needed. Children could glean many more details at: Children could watch an animation as to how the cotton gin works at:

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May 032019

Flag of Poland

Poland celebrates Swieto Trzeciego Majo (Constitution Day). Its first constitution was ratified in 1794. This European country, according to the CIA World Factbook, is slightly smaller than New Mexico. The climate ranges from cold and snowy in winter to cool and rainy in the summer. About 38 million people live in Poland, and the country exports machinery and manufactured goods. Wycinanki, paper cutting, is a Polish folk art. Children could learn how to produce the folk art at:

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