Apr 022024

First United States mint was established in Philadelphia in 1792. It produced silver half-dismes and dismes (now spelled dimes). The mint is still active, and other mints are functioning in Denver and San Francisco. Children could visit the mint’s website, particularly the games section, at: usmint.gov/kids.  Idea: Children could debate the idea of eliminating the production of the penny.

Jun 012024

Kentucky Flag

Kentucky became the fifteenth state of the United States in 1792. It probably got its name from either the Iroquois word Kenta-ke, meaning meadowland, or the Wyandot word Kah-ten-tah-teh, meaning land of tomorrow. Its state song is “My Old Kentucky Home.” Kentucky ranks 37th in area and 25th in population compared to all the states. Tourist attractions include Mammoth Cave National Park. Frankfort is the capital, and Louisville is the largest city. Children could visit an internet site at: Kentucky.

Jun 202024

Great Seal

Congress adopted the Great Seal in 1782. The seal, housed with the State Department, is used to authenticate federal documents. Three committees contributed their ideas until the final choice was made. The seal has at least five symbols that have thirteen of that object. For example, the eagle holds thirteen arrows. Children can learn more at: Great Seal.