Dec 152018

Bill of Rights became part of the Constitution in 1791. The first ten amendments became a part of the Constitution when Virginia ratified amendmentthem. Presidential Proclamations have marked this day since 1962. Children could view an excellent infographic from Kids Discover: Bill of Rights.

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Mar 042019
Vermont State Flag

Vermont State Flag

Vermont became the fourteenth state of the United States in 1791. A translation of the state’s name leads to its nickname, the “Green Mountain State.” Montpelier is the state capital. Two of its products are maple syrup and maple candy. Children could visit an Internet site at: Vermont. Idea: Children could enjoy pancakes and real maple syrup.

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Mar 112019

Samuel Mulliken received four patents in 1791. The Philadelphian was granted patents for

  • a machine for threshing grain and corn
  • a device to break hemp
  • a strategy to cut and polish marble
  • a device to raise a nap on cloth
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Mar 132019
File:Uranus clouds.jpg

2007 Image of Uranus and Rings

Uranus was discovered by Sir William Herschel in 1781. The planet is actually a gas giant, composed of methane, helium and hydrogen. Its temperature hovers around -355 degrees Fahrenheit. Some scientists believe that despite the cold surface temperatures, a core about fifteen times the size of earth has a temperature of approximately 12,000 degrees Fahrenheit. It possesses at least five major moons, ten minor moons, and thirteen rings. Idea: Encourage children to try to develop some kind of transport that could land on the gas giant. They could learn more at: Uranus.

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