Nov 092020

Banneker’s Almanac

Benjamin Banneker (born near Baltimore, Maryland, 1731; died Baltimore, Maryland, October 9, 1806) was an African American known for his accomplishments in astronomy, surveying and mathematics. During the years 1791 until 1796, Banneker recorded information regarding weather, astronomy, and the tides. He compiled this information into an almanac. Other prominent Americans, including Benjamin Rush, added their own essays. The works were published, and Thomas Jefferson received a copy of the first almanac. Children can learn more at: Benjamin Banneker.

Pat Cummings (born Chicago, Illinois, 1950) is a writer and illustrator. One of her books is Angel Baby. Children could visit her website at: Pat Cummings.

Lois Ehlert (born Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, 1934) writes and illustrates children’s books. Her Color Zoo was a Caldecott Honor Book in 1989. Children could watch a video filled with excerpts of her books at: Lois Ehlert.

Florence Sabin (born Central City, Colorado, 1871; died Denver, Colorado, October 3, 1953) was a pioneer for women in medicine. She was the first woman to earn a full professorship at a medical college, and she was the first woman to be elected to the National Academy of Sciences. She was prominent in the study of tuberculosis. She also advocated for better health rights.

Kay Thompson (born St. Louis, Missouri, 1908; died New York, New York, July 2, 1998) was an actor and an author. She wrote the Eloise series. Children could visit a website at: Eloise.

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