Mar 232021

Patrick Henry

Patrick Henry gave his famous “Give me liberty or give me death” speech in Richmond, Virginia, in 1775. The speech, given without notes, was a rousing call for freedom from Great Britain. Children can read the speech at: Patrick Henry.

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Jun 252021
Virginia State Flag

Virginia Flag

Virginia became the tenth state of the United States by ratifying the Constitution in 1788. It was named after Queen Elizabeth I, the Virgin Queen. Its nicknames include Old Dominion, Mother of Presidents, and Mother of States. The capital is Richmond. Virginia ranks thirty-sixth in area and twelfth in population. Jamestown was settled in 1607, and important landmarks include Arlington National Cemetery and Appomattox Courthouse National Park. Children could visit an Internet site at: Virginia. Idea: Students could find a list of birthplaces of Presidents. Is Virginia truly the Mother of Presidents?

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