Nov 032024

Flag of Panama

Panama celebrates Independence Day. Originally settled by the Spanish, Panama in 1821 was part of the Republic of Gran Colombia. Today’s Colombia, Venezuela, and Ecuador were also included in the Republic. In 1831 the Republic of Gran Colombia disintegrated, and Panama remained part of Colombia. In 1903 Panama broke away from Colombia and formed its own government. Slightly smaller than the state of South Carolina, Panama has a tropical climate. Its population exceeds three million, and the country depends on revenue from the Panama Canal. Panama City is the capital. Farmers in Panama grow a number of crops, including bananas, cocoa, and coffee. Children can learn more at: Panama.


Dec 312024

Panama gained possession of the Panama Canal Zone from the United States at noon in 1999. The United States had controlled the  Panama Canal Zone as of February 26, 1904. The treaty allowed the United States to own the canal into perpetuity. However, from 1979 to 1999, the canal was controlled by both the United States and Panama. Children can learn more about the canal and its transfer at: Panama Canal.