Jan 222024

World’s biggest cheese was made in Wisconsin in 1964. Using 170,000 quarts of milk from 16,000 cows, the Wisconsin Cheese Foundation made a block of cheddar cheese 14 ½ feet by 6 ½ feet by 5 ½ feet. It weighed 34,591 pounds. The cheese was driven from Wisconsin to New York to be part of the World’s Fair. The cheese was later eaten. Children could sample some cheddar and other types of cheeses. Children can learn more and watch a great video at: Cheese Making.

Feb 132024

Madrid Codices, created by Leonardo da Vinci, were discovered in 1964 in the National Library of Spain by American researchers. Da Vinci died in 1608, and these works found their way to Spain by about 1623. They got lost in the library around 1712. The books contain information about science, geometry, and fortification. Children could learn more at: Madrid Codices.

Apr 172024

Jerrie Mock in 1964 became the first woman to fly solo around the world. She left Columbus, Ohio, on March 19, 1964, in The Spirit of Columbus. She returned to Columbus on this day 29 days later. She made 21 stopovers and traveled 23,206 miles. She received the Louis Bleriot Medal from the Federation Aeronautique Nationale. Children can learn more at: Jerrie Mock. They could also read The Jerrie Mock Story: The First Woman to Fly Solo around the World by Nancy Roe Pimm.

Apr 262024

Flag of Tanzania

Tanzania celebrates Union Day, a national holiday. In 1964 Tanganyika and Zanzibar united into one country, Tanzania. According to the CIA World Factbook, Tanzania is about twice the size of California. Bordering the Indian Ocean, the country experiences a tropical climate. Mount Kilimanjaro brings tourists and mountain climbers to the country. It counts on mining gold, diamonds, and iron ore. About 48 million people live in the country, and Dar Es Salaam is the capital. Children could learn more at: Tanzania.

Jul 062024

Flag of Malawi

Malawi celebrates Republic Day. It received its independence from Great Britain in 1964. This landlocked country, slightly smaller than the state of Pennsylvania, is located in central Africa. Almost 17 million people live in the country. One of its major industries is the processing of foods, including tea, sugar, and tobacco. Lilongwe is the capital. Children could learn more at: Malawi.

Jul 282024

Far Side of Moon Photograph Taken by Crew of Apollo 16

Ranger 7 was launched in 1964. Designed to send back images of the moon’s surface, it reached its destination on July 31, 1964. The first success after thirteen failed missions, it sent back over 4,000 images of the moon during its last fifteen minutes of travel. Then it crashed into the moon’s surface. Those photographs identified safe landing areas for future manned moon missions. Children could learn more at: Ranger 7.

Sep 052024
Orbiting Geophysical Observatory I

Orbiting Geophysical Observatory I

Orbiting Geophysical Observatory 1 was launched 1964. Five other Orbiting Geophysical Observatories were launched between 1965 and 1969. These satellites measured the earth’s magnetosphere and provided data about the earth and sun. The last of the six stopped operating in March 1972. Older children can learn more at: OGO.