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Dave Brubeck (born Concord, California, 1920; died Norwalk, Connecticut, December 5, 2012) was a jazz musician. Children can view a great video and listen to “Take Five” at:

Ira Gershwin (born New York, New York, 1896; died Beverly Hills, California, August 17, 1983) was a lyricist. He often worked with his brother, George. His Broadway hits include Funny Face. Children can visit a wonderful website and listen to his lyrics at: Ira Gershwin.

Alfred Eisenstaedt (born Dirschau, Prussia, 1898; died Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, August 23, 1955) was a famous photojournalist. He was known for his photographs published by Life magazine. One of his most popular photographs was of a soldier kissing a nurse to celebrate the end of World War II. Children can view that photograph and many others at:

John Reynolds Gardiner (born Los Angeles, California, 1944; died Anaheim, California, March 4, 2006) was a children’s author. One of his most famous books is Stone Fox. Over four million copies of the book have been sold. Children can learn more about Gardiner at: John Reynolds Gardiner.

Alfred Joyce Kilmer (born New Brunswick, New Jersey, 1886; died in battle near Ourcy, France, July 30, 1918) was a poet. One of his most famous poems is “Trees,” published in 1913. Children could read “Trees” at: Trees. Children can read his works at: Project Gutenberg.

Cornelia Meigs (born Rock Island, Illinois, 1884; died Havre de Grace, Maryland, September 10, 1973) wrote over 30 books for children as well as screenplays and books for adults. The Windy Hill received a 1922 Newbery Honor Award. Clearing Weather won a 1929 Newbery Honor Award. Swift Rivers obtained a 1933 Newbery Honor Award. Invincible Louisa: The Story of the Author of “Little Women” received the Newbery Medal in 1934. Children can read The Windy Hill at: Project Gutenberg. Children can learn more at: Cornelia Meigs.

Jason Reynolds (born Washington, DC, 1983) writes books for children. He received a 2018 Newbery Honor Award for Long Way Down. Other works include Lu and As Brave as You.

Elizabeth Yates (born Buffalo, New York, 1905; died Concord, New Hampshire, July 29, 2001) was a children’s author, publishing at least 25 books. In 1944 she received a Newbery Honor Award for Mountain Born, and in 1951 her Amos Fortune, Free Man was awarded the Newbery Medal. In 1955 Rainbow Round the World received the Jane Addams Children’s Book Award. Children can learn more at: Elizabeth Yates.

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