Oct 152021

Katherine Ayres (born Columbus, Ohio, 1947) writes books for children. Her works include Silver Dollar Girl and Macaroni Boy. Children can visit her website at: Katherine Ayres.

Jacob Broom (born Wilmington, Delaware, 1752; died Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, April 25, 1810) represented Delaware at the Constitutional Convention. During the Revolutionary War he surveyed land for Washington’s army. After the convention he was active in Delaware politics. Children could learn more at: Jacob Broom.

Virgil (born 70 B.C.; died 19 B.C.) was a poet who lived in ancient Rome. One of his most famous works is the epic Aeneid. Children can read the Aeneid and other works in several languages, including Latin, at: Project Gutenberg.

Edith Wilson

Eidth Bolling Galt Wilson

Edith Bolling Galt Wilson (born Wytheville, Virginia, 1872; died Washington, D. C., December 28, 1961) was the second wife of Woodrow Wilson, twenty-eighth president of the United States. She married him while he was president and a year after his first wife died. He suffered a severe stroke in 1919, and for some time she may actually have been making decisions regarding the presidency. Children could visit a website at: Edith Wilson.

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