Sep 122019

Richard Jordan Gatling (born Hertford County, North Carolina, 1818; died New York, New York, February 26, 1903) was an inventor. He invented mainly items to improve agriculture. However, he is famous for the Gatling gun, the first machine gun.

Jesse Owens

Jesse Owens

Jesse Owens (born James Cleveland Owens in Oakville, Alabama, 1913; died Tucson, Arizona, March 31, 1980) was an athlete. He won four gold medals at the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin, Germany. He established eleven world records in track and field. Children could read Jesse Owns: Gold Medal Hero by Jim Gigliotti.

Valerie Tripp (born Mt. Kisco, New York, 1951) is the author of 31 books of the American Girl Series. Children can visit her website at: Valerie Tripp.

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