Aug 232024

Horseshoe Patent

Horseshoe improvement was patented by Oscar E. Brown in 1892. He received patent number 481,271. His horseshoe incorporated an upper shoe and a lower shoe so that the horse experienced less discomfort when the lower shoe needed replacement. Children could view the patent at: Horseshoe Improvement.

Aug 232024
Wash Monu

Washington Monument and Repairs

East Coast earthquake occurred in 2011. The 5.8 magnitude earthquake was centered in Louisa County, Virginia, but its effects were felt as far north as Quebec and as far south as Atlanta, Georgia. Experts believe one-third of the country’s population experienced the earthquake. No lives were lost, but damages did occur. Washington, DC had significant damage, including the Washington Monument (now reopened) and the National Cathedral. Older children could learn more at: East Coast Earthquake.