Feb 162020

South Pole Telescope saw first light in 2007. Scientists using the ten-foot diameter telescope are seeking data regarding the history of the universe, dark energy, and galaxy clusters. The telescope is located on a South Pole plateau two miles above sea level. The air there is so dry that the area is desert-like.

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Aug 042020
Artist's Conception of Phoenix on Surface of Mars

Artist’s Conception of Phoenix on Surface of Mars

Phoenix was launched by NASA in 2007. The spacecraft landed on a polar region of Mars on May 25, 2008, and conducted tests on water and surface chemistry until November 2, 2008. Then the Martian winter set in, and the fragile equipment could no longer send data.  Children could learn more at: http://phoenix.lpl.arizona.edu/kids.php.

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Sep 272020

Spacecraft Dawn was launched by NASA in 2007. Its mission was to explore Vesta and Ceres, the two largest extraterrestrial bodies in the Asteroid Belt. Dawn began orbiting around Vesta on July 16, 2011, and sent back data. It left Vesta on September 5, 2012, and it reached Ceres on March 6, 2015. It currently remains in orbit around Ceres. Children can learn more at: Spacecraft Dawn.

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Oct 062020

Jason Lewis in 2007 completed the first human-powered circumnavigation of the earth. He began his odyssey in July 1994 when he and a friend left London. He pedaled a small boat across oceans, line-skated across North America, bicycled through Australia, and had other experiences. He traveled a total of 46,505 miles.

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