Oct 262021
Erie Canal

Map of Erie Canal

Erie Canal started operating in 1825. Construction began on July 4, 1817. It joined the Atlantic Ocean (via the Hudson River) and Lake Erie. Approximately 363 miles long, it had 36 locks. Previously goods had to be shipped by wagon and pack animals. The canal cut transportation costs by 95 percent. Children can view an excellent video at: Erie Canal.

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Jan 192022

Canned Food

Tin can processing of food was patented by Ezra Daggett and Thomas Kensett in 1825. Tin cans preserve food for long periods of time. Children can learn more about different ways of preserving food at: Food Preservation.

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Aug 062022

Bolivia celebrates Independence Day. A landlocked country in South America, Bolivia gained its freedom from Spain in 1825. La Paz is the capital, and at one time the region was under Inca control. Although the country is presently bigger than the state of Texas, it was once much larger. Parts of the country were sold, and parts were given away as spoils of war. Its natural resources include silver, tin, oil, and natural gas. About 11.7 million people live in the country. Children can learn more at: Bolivia.

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Aug 252022
Uruguay Flag

Flag of Uruguay

Uruguay celebrates Independence Day. It became free from Brazilian rule in 1825. Located on the southeastern coast of South America, the country is about the size of the state of Washington. The country’s rolling plains and mild climate allow ranchers to raise a great deal of livestock. Over three million people live in Uruguay, and Montevideo is the capital. Children can learn more at: Uruguay.


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