Oct 102023

Nancy L. Carlson (born Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1953) has written and illustrated over 60 books for children. Her works include the Harriet series and the Loudmouth George series. Children can visit her website at: Nancy Carlson.

James Marshall (born San Antonio, Texas, 1942; died New York, New York, October 13, 1992) was a children’s author and illustrator. He wrote among other works the Miss Nelson books. He also created the George and Martha series. Children can learn more at: James Marshall.

Daniel San Souci (born San Francisco, California, 1948) is a children’s book author and illustrator. One of his books is Ice Bear and Little Fox. He often worked with his brother, Robert.

Robert San Souci (born San Francisco, California, 1946; died San Francisco, California, December 19, 2014) was a children’s book author. His books include Fa Mulan and Sister Tricksters.

Giuseppi Verdi (born Le Roncole, Italy, 1813; died Milan, Italy, January 27, 1901) was a composer. His works include Rigoletto and Aida.


Benjamin West Self-Portrait

Benjamin West (born near Springfield, Pennsylvania, 1738; died London, England, March 11, 1820) was a painter. Children can view several of his works at: Benjamin West.

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