Oct 032020

Natalie Savage Carlson (born Kernstown, Virginia, 1906; died Rhode Island, September 23, 1997) wrote books for children. She received a 1959 Newbery Honor Award for The Family Under the Bridge. Children can learn more at: Natalie Savage Carlson.

Molly Cone (born Tacoma, Washington, 1918; died March 26, 2016) wrote over 45 books for children. Her works include the Mishmash series.

James Alfred Wight Herriot (born Glasgow, Scotland, 1916; died Yorkshire, England, February 23, 1995) was a writer and veterinarian. He wrote among other works All Creatures Great and Small.

John Himmelman (born Kittery, Maine, 1959) writes and illustrates children’s books. His works include Tales of Bunjitsu Bunny and Duck to the Rescue. Children can learn more at: John Himmelman.

Harvey Kurtzman (born Brooklyn, New York, 1924; died Mount Vernon, New York, February 21, 1993) founded Mad magazine in 1952. Idea: Children could poll parents and teachers as to their attitudes toward Mad magazine.

Thomas Clayton Wolfe (born Asheville, North Carolina, 1900; died Baltimore, Maryland, September 15, 1938) was an author. One of his most well known works is You Can’t Go Home Again.

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