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Byron Barton (born Pawtucket, Rhode Island, 1930) writes and illustrates books for children. His works include A Girl Called Al and I Want to Be an Astronaut.

Antonin Dvorak (born Nelahozeves, Czechoslovakia, 1841; died Prague, Czechoslovakia, May 1, 1904) composed music. He wrote nine symphonies, plus numerous operas, chamber music, and cantatas. One of his most famous compositions is Humoresque, written for piano in 1894.

Michael Hague (born 1948) illustrates books for children. He has illustrated The Wind in the Willows and The Hobbit.

Jack Prelutsky (born Brooklyn, New York, 1940) writes poetry. Idea: Children really enjoy his work. They could try The New Kid on the Block, published in 1984. They could illustrate some of his poems. They could visit his website at: Jack Prelutsky.

Richard the Lionheart (born Oxford, England, 1157; died France, April 6, 1199) ruled England from 1189 to 1199. Idea: Children could find out more about his exciting life. He actually spent very little time in England.

Jon Scieszka (born Flint, Michigan, 1954) is a children’s author. His books include Math Curse, The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales, and Time Warp Trio series. Children could visit his website at:

Peter Stuyvesant (born Scherpenzeel, Netherlands, 1610; died New York, New York, February 1672) was the last governor of New Netherlands. The citizens did not like his harsh and cruel ways, so they did not support him when the British came into the harbor.

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