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Demi (born Charlotte Dumaresq Hunt in Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1942) has written and illustrated at least 300 books for children. Her books include Muhammad and Gandhi. Children can learn more at: Demi.

Eugene Field (born St. Louis, Missouri, 1850; died Chicago, Illinois, November 4, 1895) was a writer. He is most known for his poetry. Idea: Children might enjoy reading The Gingham Dog and the Calico Cat, published in 1894. Children can read many of his works at: Project Gutenberg.

James Forten

James Forten

James Forten (born Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1766; died Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, March 4, 1842) was the son of free African Americans. He was almost sold into slavery during the Revolutionary War. Later he became a successful businessman and was active in the abolition movement. Idea: Children could read biographies about Forten. How did he help the antislavery movement?

Christa McAuliffe (born Concord, Massachusetts, 1948; died in the Challenger explosion, January 28, 1986) was a high school teacher. She was picked to be the first ordinary person to travel in space. Six other crew members died with her.

Bernard Most (born New York, New York, 1937) writes books for children. His books include If the Dinosaurs Came Back and The Cow That Went Oink. Children can visit his website, particularly the coloring pages, at: Bernard Most.

Elizabeth De Trevino (born Bakersfield, California, 1904; died Cuernavaca, Mexico, December 2, 2001) was a children’s author. One of her most popular works is I, Juan de Pareja, which received the 1966 Newbery Medal.

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