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Jean Fritz (born Hankow, China, 1915; died Sleepy Hollow, New York, May 14, 2017) was a children’s author of at least 36 books. She wrote among other works Homesick: My Own Story (Newbery Honor Book), 1982. She received the 1986 Laura Ingalls Wilder Award for her body of work. Children could visit Carol Hurst’s site to see a chronology of Jean’s excellent, well-researched books: Jean Fritz.

W. C. Handy (born William Christopher Handy in Florence, Alabama, 1873; died New York, New York, March 28, 1958) was known as the “Father of the Blues.” One of his most famous works is St. Louis Blues, composed in 1914.

James McHenry (born Ireland, 1753; died Baltimore, Maryland, May 3, 1816) represented Maryland at the Constitutional Convention. During the Revolutionary War, he was an army surgeon and an aide to George Washington and the Marquis de Lafayette. After the war, he became active in politics. For some time he served simultaneously in Maryland’s senate and in Congress. For four years he served as Secretary of War. Fort McHenry is named after him.

Robin McKinley (born Warren, Ohio, 1952) is a writer for young adults. Her The Hero and the Crown was the Newbery Medal winner in 1985, and the The Blue Sword was a Newbery Honor Book in 1983. Read some beginning chapters of new books at: Robin McKinley.

Carolyn Reeder (born Washington, DC, 1937; died Washington, DC, January 20, 2012) was a children’s author and wrote about ten books. Her book Shades of Gray received the 1990 Scott O’Dell Award for Historical Fiction.

Barbara Reid (born Toronto, Canada, 1957) writes and illustrates books for children. She illustrated, among other works, Effie, published in 1990. She uses plasticine as an art medium, and she generously shares her ideas at her website. Her videos are a must-see at:  Barbara Reid.

Miroslav Sasek (born Prague, Czechia, 1918; died Wettingen, Switzerland, May 1980) wrote books for children. He is most famous for his eighteen This Is…books (This is Paris, This Is Ireland, etc.). Children can learn more at: Miroslav Sasek.

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