May 042021

Doug Cushman (born Springfield, Ohio, 1953) has written and/or illustrated at least 125 books for children. His books include the Aunt Eater series and the Dirk Bones series. Children can learn more at: Doug Cushman.

Horace Mann (born Franklin, Massachusetts, 1796; died Yellow Springs, Ohio, August 2, 1859) is known as “the father of public education in the United States.” He was the editor of the Common School Journal. Idea: Children could find out more about Mann and his ideas about education.

Julia Gardiner Tyler

Julia Gardiner Tyler (born Gardiner’s Island, New York, 1820; died Richmond, Virginia, July 10, 1889) was the second wife of John Tyler, tenth president of the United States. They were married while he was still president. Siding toward the Confederacy, John Tyler died before the beginning of the Civil War. Later, Congress voted to give her a pension. Children could visit a website at: Julia Gardiner Tyler.

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