Feb 262020

Buffalo Bill Cody

Buffalo Bill Cody (born William Frederic Cody in Scott County, Iowa, 1846; died Denver, Colorado, January 10, 1917) was a frontiersman and showman. Children can read more about him at: Buffalo Bill Cody.

Victor Hugo (born Besancon, France, 1802; died Paris, France, May 22, 1885) was an author. One of his best known works is Les Miserables. Students can read many of his works at: Project  Gutenberg.

Sharon Bell Mathis (born Atlantic City, New Jersey, 1937) writes books for children. Her book Ray Charles received the 1974 Coretta Scott King Award. Her book The Hundred Penny Box received a 1976 Newbery Honor Award. Children can learn more at: Sharon Bell Mathis.

Colby Rodowsky (born Baltimore, Maryland, 1932) writes books for children. Her books include Julie’s Daughter and Fitchett’s Folly.

Judith Saint George (born Westfield, New Jersey, 1939; died Bloomfield, Connecticut, June 10, 2015) wrote over 40 books for children. Her books include So You Want to Be President? (which earned illustrator David Small the 2001 Caldecott Medal) and The Duel. Children can learn more about her at: Judith Saint George.

Levi Strauss (born Buttenheim, Bavaria, Germany, 1829; died San Francisco, California, September 26, 1902) invented tough, durable pants for California gold miners. These pants are now known as jeans. Idea: Children could compare and contrast denim with other fabrics. They could see how jeans are made at: Jeans.

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