Nov 012018

Stephen Crane (born Newark, New Jersey, 1871; died Badenweiler, Germany, June 5, 1900) was an author. He is especially known for his short stories. His The Red Badge of Courage was written about the Civil War. He died at an early age from tuberculosis, made more serious by a bout of malaria fever. Children can read some of his works at: Project Gutenberg.

Hilary Knight (born Long Island, New York, 1926) is a children’s author and illustrator. He has illustrated more than 50 books and has written more than nine books. He is best known as the illustrator of the Eloise series. Children can visit his website at: Hilary Knight.

Crawford Williamson Long (born Danielsville, Georgia, 1815; died Athens, Georgia, June 16, 1878) was the first doctor to use ether in an operation performed in 1842.

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