Jun 162023

Green Sea Turtle

World Sea Turtle Day is today. The day draws attention to the plight of sea turtles. The day also honors Dr. Archie Carr, called the “father of sea turtle biology.” Dr. Carr’s birthday is today. Seven species of sea turtle exist, and six of them are either vulnerable, endangered, or critically endangered. The Kemp’s Ridley and the Hawksbill are critically endangered. The Green Sea Turtle is endangered. The Loggerhead, the Olive Ridley, and the Leatherback are vulnerable. The Flatback Sea Turtle is data deficient. Children can learn more at: NOAA.

Jun 162023

Archie Carr (born Mobile, Alabama, 1909; died Micanopy, Florida, May 21, 1987) was a conservationist, professor, and herpetologist best known for his research regarding sea turtles. He revealed that sea turtles were dropping in population because their habitats were being destroyed. He also pointed out that humans were harvesting sea turtles and sea turtle eggs to the point where the numbers were in danger. He wrote nine books sharing his knowledge. Children can learn more at: Archie Carr National Refuge.

Jennifer L. Holm (born California, 1968) writes books for children. She has received three Newbery Honor Awards: in 2000 for Our Only May Amelia, in 2007 for Penny from Heaven, and in 2011 for Turtle in Paradise. She also writes graphic novels and comic books, illustrated by her brother, Matthew Holm. Children could visit her website at: http://www.jenniferholm.com/.

Barbara McClintock (born Hartford, Connecticut, 1902; died Huntington, New York, September 2, 1992) was a world-famous cytogeneticist, studying genetics at the cellular level. She received the 1983 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for her work in discovering “mobile genetic elements.” Older children could read Barbara McClintock: Pioneering Geneticist by Ray Spangenburg and Diane Kit Moser.

Joyce Carol Oates (born Lockport, New York, 1938) has written novellas, short stories, poetry, plays, and at least 58 novels. Some of her works have been written for children and young adults, including Freaky Green Eyes and Come Meet Muffin!