Apr 012018

John Morton
Library of Congress

John Morton died in 1777. His date of birth is unknown. Active in politics, he was elected from Pennsylvania to serve in both the First Continental Congress and the Second Continental Congress. He signed the Declaration of Independence, and he was part of the committee that wrote the Articles of Confederation. He was the first Declaration of Independence signer to die.

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Jul 082018

Olive Branch Petition was signed by representatives from the Second Continental Congress in 1775. It was delivered to King George III as one last try to peacefully resolve differences between the American colonies and Great Britain. Older children could read a copy of the petition at: Olive Branch Petition. Idea: Children could predict what would have happened if the king had not ignored the petition.

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Sep 092018

flagSecond Continental Congress officially named our country the “United States of America” in 1776. Previously, the country’s title was “United Colonies of America.”

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