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Are you a parent? Grandparent? Teacher? Librarian? Club sponsor? Are you always looking for educational and fun activities for children? Then this is the site for you!

When you enter the site, you are looking at today’s date and entries. I have listed important events from the past, today’s events, ongoing (weekly or monthly) celebrations, and birthdays of interesting people. I have then provided ideas to further this information or sites that you can explore.

If you want to see what is going on in the future, click on the calendar and select a day. Away you go!


National Homemade Bread Day

I have chosen entries I think children should know about. Some events are important and should be remembered by all. For example, children need to experience Election Day, when people first stepped on the moon, and the invention of Thomas Edison’s phonograph. Some entries are just fun, such as National Homemade Bread Day – shouldn’t we all celebrate that? Other entries should not be celebrated, but they should be learned. Kristallnacht and September 11, for instance, should never be forgotten.

I have included the birthdays of many children’s authors and illustrators. I hope these birthday entries will inspire you and your child to investigate familiar and new authors and read, read, read! Many authors and illustrators provide amazing websites, filled with information and activities. You can easily access many of these books from public libraries. In addition, many libraries now provide ebook checkouts.

I have also included the birthdays of those who have risked their lives and prosperity for the freedom of all. I have researched the birthdays of signers of the Declaration of Independence. Think about it – these men committed treason – treason against the British government. Some signers lost their families, their lives, and all their wealth as flagthe British punished them for their valor.

Birthdays of artists and scientists, state admission dates, and foreign country celebrations all broaden the lives of children. Many museums offer virtual field trips, and national parks provide great resources for children. Today’s youth are so lucky – so much is available to them via the internet. Speaking of the internet, remember that Project Gutenberg and Google Books provide thousands of online books to read for free.

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I look forward to reading your comments. Please let me know how to improve the site. Also, please also recommend this site to others. Thank you for joining me on my quest to expand  children’s learning.

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